Let us march against austerity, for equality and wealth sharing!

See bottom of page the first 200 signatories of the appeal


Neither can we see more of the right and the extreme right pounding the pavement with their processions hate each other, intolerance, racism, sexism, homophobia and fundamentalism.

In France, as in Europe, fiscal discipline and austerity imposed by the European Commission, François Hollande and the government to satisfy the financial markets feed this unhealthy climate. The consequences are there: public services dismantled social gains undermined … Unemployment rises, insecurity extends, young galèrent, wages and pensions are half-mast.Inequality is increasing while large firms pay dividends to shareholders insolent. Everywhere these policies cause indignation, anger and despair. They revolt us.

They are accompanied by the general decline of rights: to education, to employment, to a decent income, to health, to decent, stable housing .. The employment inequalities and remuneration rights hardest attack women and migrants. The crackdown on undocumented Roma, the most vulnerable, and those who defend them. While political choices resolutely left should win against the crisis, the renunciation of the Government to the demands of the Medef and the right social, environmental, family, and the right of foreigners to vote … scandalized. Governing body for Phone Sex.

With the enthusiastic approval of the Medef, the president now wants to make “pact of responsibility” the heart of its policy. In business, it grants 35 billion relief contributions. Who can believe that this new gift will fight against unemployment? Before a Medef who refuses to commit to the creation of jobs, the Ayrault government is committed to it, to cut public spending by 50 billion euros. In the Line of Fire, social security and public services. But there are also local authorities suffocated, stifled associations, the sacrificed culture. This is definitely not what we wanted, we who, by the millions, have contributed to hunt Sarkozy.

legal personalities, actors and actresses from the world of culture and art, the world of sport, union, association leaders, political, we are diverse in our commitments. But together, we want to build momentum for a social alternative, democratic, ecological and feminist, based on solidarity. We call on Saturday, April 12th in Paris at a national march of hope left, against the extreme right, to the abandonment of the “responsibility pact” for a just distribution of wealth.This march will not go nowhere.

The first 200 signatories

legal personalities, actresses and actors the world of culture, sports, academics and researchers

Alévêque Christophe, humorist
Pudal Romain, sociologist, CNRS.
Amable Bruno, economist, University Paris 1.
Amara Jean Claude, creator Droits Devant
André Tosel, philosophy
Aries Paul, monthly editor’s Z’indigné (s).
Beauvois Delphine, feminist left Front
Ben Ayed Choukri, researcher
Bernier Aurelian, essayist
Bidet Jacques, philosopher
Bloch Bernard, actor director
Bonnery Stéphane researcher educational sciences
Brom Jean-Marie, a researcher at the Joint Laboratory of CNRS / Université Louis Pasteur (Strasbourg)
Bruno Isabella, political scientist, University of Lille 2
Cassen Bernard, general secretary of Memory Struggles
Caveng Remy, sociologist, University of Picardie
Churin Samuel, actor
Comolli Jean Louis, filmmaker
Cours-Salies Pierre, sociologist, Professor Emeritus Paris 8
de Montlibert Christian sociologist , University of Strasbourg,
Demoule Jean Paul, professor at Paris 1, former president of INRAP
Debos Marielle, political scientist, University Paris Ouest
Ernest Pignon-Ernest, visual artist
Ethuin Nathalie, sociologist, University Lille 2.
Fernandez Nilda, singer
Gadrey John economist
Gaillot Jacques, Bishop
Generous Jacques economist
George Susan, writer
Gerard Mordillat, writer, filmmaker
Guillaume Pigeard of Gurbert philosophy professor
Harribey Jean Marie economist
Husson Michel economist
Jounin Nicolas, sociologist, university paris VIII.
Lacroix Bernard, political scientist, Institut Universitaire de France.
Lagrave Rose-Marie, sociologist, EHESS.
Landini Leon, president of the Freedom-friendly Carmagnole FTP-MOI
Laurens Sylvain, sociologist, EHESS.
Pors Anicet, former Minister public Service
Lebaron Frederic, sociologist, University Versailles-Saint Quentin.
Leclerc Catherine, sociologist, University of Poitiers
Lerichomme Jacques, Regional Adviser PACA
Lhomme Stephane observatory nuclear
Mangenot Marc, economist
Marty Christiane, feminist and researcher
Masclet Olivier, sociologist, university paris Descartes.
Mathieu Grégoire lecturer in sociology
Mauger Gerard, sociologist, CNRS
Naessens Muriel, Women’s Issues, theater of the oppressed
Naszalyi Philip university
Neyrat Frederic, sociologist, university of Limoges.
Frize Nicolas composer
Palheta Ugo, sociologist, university Lille 3.
Pelletier Willy, sociologist, university of Picardie.
Pena Ruiz Henry, philosopher
Pépin Josée, member of the collective Tenon
Petit Jean Claude, composer conductor
Pinçon Michel, sociologist
Nip-Charlot Monique sociologist
Pinto Louis, sociologist, CNRS.
Poliak Claude, sociologist, CNRS.
Pudal Bernard, political scientist, university Paris Ouest
Ramaux Christophe economist
Ramonet Ignacio, journalist
Rigaudiat Jacques economist
Ristat Jean, poet, director of the French Letters
Seguy Georges, CERD former Secretary CGT
Sève Lucien, philosopher
Topalov Christian sociologist EHESS
Trillat Marcel, filmmaker
Found Aurélie, President of the Scientific Council of ATTAC
Willemez Laurent, sociologist, university Versailles Saint-Quentin


Amiel Frederick union ASSO Solidaires
Angot Michel, territorial FSU
Baille Nicolas Secretary CGT environment equipment
Bindel Jean Luc CGT agro food
Bonnard Jerome, South BPCE Solidaires
Borras Stéphane, Solidaires 31
Bressan Eugénio, former national secretary SNES-FSU
Bubakhti Ahmed, South PSA Poissy Solidaires
Camara Mamadou, Secretary South -TICE Solidaires
Canon John Mark, secretary general of the CGT UGFF
Chauveau Raymond, syndicalist CGT
Chessa Mireille, syndicalist CGT
Cohen Fabien, union secretary dentists health centers
Couderc Christophe General Secretary UD CGT 09
Damoiseau Philippe Federation South local authorities Solidaires
Debons Claude, syndicalist CGT
Degoussée Lawrence, South Solidarity Trade
Delecourt Christophe syndicalist CGT Finance
Devauchelle Jean, union Solidaires AP-HP
Fayet Catherine, head South health CHSF
Galepides Nicolas, South PTT Solidaires
Garcia Patricia, South social Solidarity
Ghazi Karl, head of trade union CGT
Glorian Gregory, Secretary General of the CGT UD 62
Gravouil Denis, syndicalist CGT Culture
Harl Françoise, South Education Partners
Jacquard Jean Pierre delegate central CGT CGT Mory Ducros
Joly Pascal , secretary general of the CGT URIF
Juraver Philip syndicalist CGT – Front struggles
Lafontan Jean, former secretary general SNEP-FSU
Lambert Elijah Solidaires Customs
Larrivée Frederick syndicalist CGT public Finance Marseille
Lavaud Mark Solidaires 45
Rest Didier, syndicalist CGT Front struggles
LEBERQUIER Olivier, CGT Fralib
Lemaire Arlette, national secretary SNASUB-FSU
Lequeau Serge, Solidaires 22
Manciaux Catherine, co / Secretary General SNUPDEN-FSU
Mangin John steelmaker FO in Florange
Mathieu Xavier, syndicalist CGT ex Conti
May Eric Secretary union physicians
May Oriane, President of aGE UNEF
Michel Claude, show syndicalist CGT
Moreira Carlos, general secretary of the national Federation of chemical Industries CGT
Orhesser Helena Solidaires 13
Ossant Hervé, Secretary General of the CGT UD 93
Painchan Reza, union FO
Périllat Marie Cécile, responsible union FSU
Peyrade Mark, secretary general of the FILPAC CGT
the Ménahès Pierre, former secretary general CGT SBFM
Piron Dominique, head departmental CGT 72
Ponvert Veronica, responsible union FSU
Prince Michael, CGT STEF Chaulnes
Puydebois Jean Louis, union FSU 19
Sanchez Daniel, syndicalist CGT
Schmitt Jerome, secretary of the federation of South union Energy
Sergeant Nicole, union FSU
Sueur Eric, Secretary General FSU Ile de France
Taillandier Christian, national secretary SNUITAM-FSU
Talbot Baptist General Secretary the CGT Federation of public Services
Tejas Patricia, syndicalist CGT Finance
TRESALLET Guy, union FSU – Front struggles
Van Rensberger Michel, CGT Presstalis
Vaulot Corinne General Secretary CGT Educ 31
Verzeletti Celine unionist UGFF CGT
Vidallet Gisele, general secretary of the UD CGT 31
Vire Emmanuel, SNJ CGT
Wallet Nicolas, Secretary General FSU 75
Witt student union
Ziegelmeyer Laurent, former head CGT Sanofi Paris

Facilitators of associations

Niels Andersson, Exit Colonialism
Antony Michel, former president of hospitals and maternity near
Azaria Ana, president of Women’s Equality
Bache Marinette, Social Resistance
Bonnet-Ouladj Emmanuelle, leader of a sports federation
Brival Marie Laure, maternity Collectif des Lilas
Chailley Jean Claude, Social Resistance
Chocteau Guillaume, responsible associative
Dareau Luke militant solidarity economy
Deluze Evelyne, secretary of the coordination of hospital and nearby maternity
Derrien Hélène, Vice President of the coordination of hospitals and maternity near
Dulong Ourdia, Make Front left , friends of the factory
Eyraud Jean Baptiste, DAL
Favier Jean Pierre, president of a sports club
Forte Eric, directing social economy
Franchet Pascal, vice-president of CADTM France
Garcia Francisco, president of Together and united UNRPA
Guibert Geneviève Collectif 37 our health at risk
Habel Janette, co-chair of the Fondation Copernic
Hallinger Patrick, Secretary of the national Convergence defense and development of public services
Hernando Michel, Left Front Make, plant friends
Khalfa Pierre, co-chair of the Foundation Copernic
Le Mignot Renee, co-chair of MRAP
Longerinas François, ruler social economy
Martins Viana Lydia, national leader of French sport
Massiah Gus, a founding member of IPAM
Mayer Sylvie, leading social economy
Milesy Jean Philippe, leader of social and solidarity economy
Didier Minot, collective citizen associations
Nay Françoise, president for the coordination of hospitals and maternity nearby:
Potavin Jack, directing social economy
Robin Philip, president of a sports club
Rollat ​​Danielle, Set Vice President and solidarity UNRPA
Rotjman Suzy , CNDF
Surduts Maya, CNDF CADAC
Find Gilbert, director of a sports federation
Villechalane Philip Association struggles against unemployment and precariousness
Vivien Didier, sports leader
Zedriri Malika Association struggles against unemployment and job insecurity

Leaders of political parties, elected representatives

Adenot Dominique ANECR
Amard Gabriel, President of the Left For example
Assassi Eliane, PCF
Autain Clementine, Togetherness
Bakin Benjamin, Alternative Libertaire
Besancenot Olivier NPA
Billard Martine, co chair of the PG
Buffet Marie George, PCF
Castex Françoise MEP
Chassaigne Andrew PCF
Esquerre Lawrence Alternative Libertaire
Hoang Ngoc Liem MEP
Idir Noredine, MJCF
Jallamion Lucien, Republic and Socialism
Laurent Pierre, PCF
Le Hyaric Patrick MEP, director of Humanity
Malaisé Céline, regional Councillor Ile de France
Martin Myriam, together
Martin Elisa, member of the Left Party BN
Mecary Carolina, regional Councillor IDF EE-LV
Mélenchon Jean Luc, European MP, co-chair of the PG
Pelissier Jean-François, together
Picquet Christian, GU
Pierrel Christian, national spokesman PCOF
Christine chubby, NPA
Poutou Philip NPA
Simonnet Danielle, SN left, Councillor Paris
Soboul Edith, Alternative Libertaire
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Touly Jean-Luc related regional councilor EELV
Vergiat Marie Christine MEP

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